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Environmental Activities

All our business sites at home and abroad have obtained ISO 14001, the international standard for industry environmental management systems, to make contributions in global environmental protection. We are promoting production and supply of Pb-free products aggressively.

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  • Table of RoHS and REACH compliant status

    The status of RoHS/REACH can be confirmed by result of "Part Number Search". If you do not know the part number of the target device, please find the target device type from "Production" on web and click "Line up & Documents" on it, the status of these products are displayed on columns.

    Some of “Maintenance Products” and all the “Discontinued Products” may contain lead more than the regulation value of RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU).

    Halogen Free Activities

    The public consciousness of the hazardous halogenated products has required the cell phone and computer manufactures to restrict the use of halogenated products and push the market trend to halogen-free products for environment.
    Panasonic Industrial Devices Discrete Semiconductor Co., Ltd. makes discretes full comply with RoHS requirements which limit PBB and PBDE content ratio with the past molding resin. We expand the halogen free product line up to meet customers environmental needs.
    Halogen free products *1 as well as other normal products meet V0 of the UL94 standards flame retardant.

    *1 The Panasonic's halogen free semiconductor refers to the products which consists of molding resin which meets the following standards.
    Bromine: 900 ppm (Maximum Concentration Value) Chlorine: 900 ppm (Maximum Concentration Value) Bromine + Chlorine:1500 ppm (Maximum Concentration Value)
    (The above-mentioned standards are based on the numerical value described in IEC61249-2-21.)
    Antimony and/or its compound are not added intentionally.

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