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Automotive Solutions

Panasonic semiconductor provides "Automotive Safety Solutions" which can contribute to occupants wellbeing and create a safer automotive society.

The expectations for automotive safety solutions are expanding rapidly from the conventional "Passive Safety" towards "Active Safety" solutions. This transformation is now becoming a reality with the development of new technologies.
However, the current challenge is how to achieve the numerous hazard detection functions with only one technology improvement. "Accident Prevention" --- means, sensing danger, analysing information, monitoring driver behaviour and providing real time feedback. Not only advanced technologies are required but also whole eco systems linking each one of them. Panasonic semiconductor vision is to improve the safety of all people who are involved in the automotive society, this can be achieved through our "Detecting" "Analysing" "Noticing" technologies.

Furthermore, we can contribute to creating a better world.

Safety Solution Business for Car Life

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Panasonic Semiconductor HomeSemiconductor > Applications > Automotive Solutions