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Power Device Solution, ENELEAD


Panasonic provides ENELEAD, the "Total solution of power devices", which supports from power system design to purchasing of components, allowing you to select a suitable small, high-efficiency power device, to easily perform a design and evaluation of power systems by using web-based tools, and to purchase peripheral components.

Feature Product
  • Power Amplifier solutions for Mobile
  • GaN

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Power Devices

  • AC-DC(IPD)
  • DC-DC
  • DC-DC Module (PSiP)
  • GAN Power
enelead01 ipd
enelead02 hpowerdcdc automdcdc
enelead03 DC-DC Module (PSiP)
enelead04 ganpower
enelead05 dcdcmosfet
enelead06 shottkybarrierdiodes zenerdiodes

Components other than semiconductor:    Capacitors    Inductors (Coils)

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Power supplies by application

  • smartphone
  • Digital TV for PFV
  • digitanl camera
  • tabletPC
  • notePC
  • DesktopPC
  • server

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Design Support Tools

A variety of design tools that help you design your power system.

■IPDs for AC-DC Converter Control
  • IPD Design Navigator
The IPD Design Navigator (Free, User registration is not required) is a web-based tool for designing an AC-DC converter with our IPDs. This tool allows you to select a desired IPD, to calculate the circuit constants of AC-DC converter block circuit using the selected IPD, and to make a circuit diagram of the converter, thus reducing your time for product selection.
■DC-DC Regulator ICs
  • DCDC Circuit Calclator
The DC-DC Circuit Calculator (free) is a web-based tool that calculates the recommended peripheral circuit constants for our DC-DC regulator IC to meet your power system design specifications.
Use this calculator together with the "Power Device Simulator" to make the simulation more effective.

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Technical Support

Technical information and support for our products and their use

■Technical Support System (Registered users only)
Expert engineers respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.
Pre-registration is required to login.
After login to this system, proceed to "Contact Us" in "Related menu".

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Sales Offices

  • Sales
Our sales offices are listed.
If you have any questions or need more information about our products, please contact us.

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