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Tablet PC

Block Diagram

MOSFET for DC-DC converter Diode/Transintor IPD

Recommended Step down DC-DC Regulator Line up

Product Number Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Current Oscillation Frequency Function Package Name
NN30195A 4.5-5.6V 0.6-3.5V 6A 0.5,1.0,2.0MHz *1 HQFN024-A3-0404
(4.0 x 4.0mm)
NN30196A 4.5-5.6V 0.6-3.5V 9A 0.5,1.0,2.0MHz *1 HQFN040-A3-0606
(6.0 x 6.0mm)
NN30295A 4.5-5.6V 0.6-3.5V 6A 0.5,1.0,2.0MHz *1, *2 HQFN024-A3-0404
(4.0 x 4.0mm)
NN30310AA 6-30V 0.75-5.5V 3A 0.25,0.75,1.25MHz *1 HQFN024-A3-0404
(4.0 x 4.0mm)
NN30311A 4.5-30V 0.75-5.5V 6A 0.25,0.75,1.25MHz *1 HQFN040-A3-0606
(6.0 x 6.0mm)
NN30312A 4.5-30V 0.75-5.5V 10A 0.25,0.75,1.25MHz *1 HQFN040-A3-0606
(6.0 x 6.0mm)
NN30321A 4.5-30V 0.75-5.5V 6A 0.21,0.43,0.65MHz *1 HQFN024-A3-0404
(4.0 x 4.0mm)
AN30180A 2.5-5.5V 1.15, 1.30
1.80, 2.80V
1.2A 3.0MHz *3 UBGA009-W-1515AEA
(1.46 x 1.46mm)
Common features,function : Hysteretic control for high-speed response
*1. Built-in 1-ch FET, Various built-in protection functions (OVP, OCP, SCP, TSD)
*2. A frequency and the output voltage are variable in IIC.
*3. Output voltage is set with external control pin

Recommended MOSFET Line up

Product Number Polarty VDSS
Ciss Package Name
FK8V0303 Nch 33V 12A - 13mΩ 7mΩ 1100pF Wmini8-F1
FK8V0304 Nch 33V 10A - 18mΩ 10mΩ 750pF Wmini8-F1
FK8V0305 Nch 33V 8A - 25mΩ 15mΩ 520pF Wmini8-F1
FK8V0306 Nch 33V 6.5A - 35mΩ 20mΩ 360pF Wmini8-F1
FC8J3304 Nchx2 33V 5A - 68mΩ 38mΩ 220pF Wmini8-F1
FC8V3303 Nchx2 33V 6.5A - 35mΩ 20mΩ 360pF Wmini8-F1

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