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Guidance of exhibitors [APEC2016]

apec 2016

Thank you for visiting the Panasonic booth.
We continue to hold a virtual exhibition on the WEB site.

Panasonic Booth : Booth 1918
   (300E E Ocean Blvd Long Beach CA United States of America)
Exhibition Date : March 20-24, 2016
Website :
Floor MAP
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Exhibition contents

GaN Power Devices & Solution

smallest class 400W power supply
gan integral motor

Panasonic's GaN power device "X-GaN™" that breakdown voltage is 600V makes your products to small and high efficiency of power supplies. This device has unique structures and makes "Normally off" and "current collapse free" for improved the reliability of GaN device.

The package is covered TO-220, thin SMD and power-module. One of GaN application, the SMD chopper board with quite high-speed switching which is one of GaN advantages is shown. it is smallest class 400W power supply and it may surprise you.

For your product design, we prepare an evaluation board and Panasonic micro controllers which controls "X-GaN™" performance, it supports high frequency operation and stable control of GaN. As another GaN application, a small motor driver is shown in here.

We wish your visit with these productions.

    Exhibition panel Down Load

      "X-GaN " : High-Frequency & Reliable Power Solution

      Compact Inverter for Motor Drive without AC-Cables

      Compact Power Supply for Server with High Efficiency

    Interview movie

APEC 2016 Exhibition Interview
(Click the preview image to watch the movie.)

Passive components

Passive components

Panasonic conductive polymer capacitors makes your products to small..
By the conductive polymer, these capacitors have excellent anti-ripple, noise reduction and temperature characteristics with-in the small device. It decrease number of the capacitors on your products. we have large capacitance to high reliability types.

Panasonic Electric Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC) makes your products to small and energy-saving.
The capacitors have low ESR, high reliability characteristics which means long life by the original electrolyte and unique electrode manufacturing. This low ESR characteristics makes the necessary capacitance and the energy to charge the EDLC to small.

Panasonic Resistors makes your products to small.
This product has anti-surge chip resistors of high ESD performance and wide terminal type with high heat dissipation. It makes high power and small package. As the current sensing resistors, we have wide range resistance with metal plate and thick film type.

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Seminar Information

Gate Drivers and Integrated Packaging Session

Session Type: Lecture
Session Code: T41
Location: 103C Room
Date & Time: Thursday March 24, 2016 (14:00 - 17:30)

"A High-Efficient Driving Isolated Drive-by-Microwave Half-Bridge Gate Driver for a GaN Inverter"
by Shuichi Nagai

Dr. Nagai is developer of GaN Drive-by-Microwave technology and an expert of circuit designing using GaN devices.
From his delivering lecture regarding the advanced gate driver technology with 140°ree; operation,
you might find the solution to exploit a GaN power device.

Poster session(D04,11:30-14:00 on March 24)

"Operation Analysis of High Efficiency Grid Connected Bi-Directional Power Conversion System for Various Storage Battery Systems with Bi-Directional Switch Circuit Topology"
by Go Yamada, et al.

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