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Image Sensors

Product Overview

Our Unique Image Sensing Technology

Image sensor applications are rapidly growing in various fields, such as digital still camera (DSC), mobile devices, digital video camera (DVC), surveillance, medical, and broadcast.
Panasonic provides rich lineups of CCD image sensors and CMOS image sensors, νMaicovicon® and SmartFSI®. Based on the CCD process technology cultivated through years and the industry-leading semiconductor process technology, our image sensors have achieved high-performance image sensing with high definition, sensitivity, resolution, and quality and have enabled smaller/thinner package to be used. Furthermore, we deliver new diversified and sophisticated solutions with our unique novel sensor technology.
Panasonic image sensors allow creation of new lifestyles that make social life impressive, secure, and safe.

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For Mobile Use

  • SmartFSI® superior to BSI evolves smartphones.
  • High picture quality equal to digital camera, allowing you to take a night view photo beautifully and vividly in detail
  • Muti-fab supply for high-performance chip
  • High CRA of up to 35-40 degrees, allowing a low-profile module

For Security and Network Cameras

  • High sensitivity, low noise, and high dynamic range
  • Low smear CCD and νMaicovicon® for getting a high picture quality, even in difficult light conditions
  • Continuous operation required for security camera

For Industry and Sensing Use

  • Infrared high sensitivity sensor provided
  • Number of pixels: Q-HD/1.3M/Full-HD
  • High sensitivity and low noise

For Digital Still Cameras

  • Total pixels: 10 to 16 million
  • Higher sensitivity and picture quality than silver-halide photo
  • Wide product range of CCD/νMaicovicon®/SmartFSI®
  • SmartFSI® is suitable for fast video shooting and also for sport camcorder and wearable camera.

For Broadcasting Use

  • Full-HD compatible
  • CCD/νMaicovicon® provided
  • High picture quality required for broadcasting

View the video about the SmartFSI® CMOS Image Sensor

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  • * "SmartFSI" is a registered trademark or trademark of Panasonic Corporation.
  • * "νMaicovicon" is a registered trademark or trademark of Panasonic Corporation.

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