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Image Sensors for Mobile Use: SmartFSI®

What is SmartFSI®...

It is the next generation image sensor for your mobile devices.

This photograph shows the ambience of a traditional Japanese tea room with its scarlet red carpet and outside is the beautiful green garden of Kyoto. SmartFSI® captures the moment with exceptional clarity, displaying natural colors under different lighting conditions. Just like human eye would see...

Sample picture of SmartFSI®

Photos courtesy of Myomanji-temple, Kyoto

* This picture is SAMPLE picture.

Overview of SmartFSI®

SmartFSI® delivers comparable picture quality to that of a digital still camera. Can take the same picture quality as your digital still camera???

SmartFSI® Test Picture

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Why SmartFSI®...

Stunning night shot!

Night Shot of SmartFSI®

When shooting images in dark surroundings, there its necessary to use a higher sensitivity setting but this will cause an increase in noise level. SmartFSI® can achieve both high sensitivity and noise reduction, thus enabling outstanding color reproduction.

Elimination of corner shading!

Corners View of SmartFSI®

SmartFSI® offers a wider incident angle and improves the image uniformity. This prevents color shading between the center & surrounding image, thus resulting with even color distribution.

View the video about the SmartFSI® CMOS Image Sensor

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Value Add Contribution of SmartFSI®

Panasonicís SmartFSI® image sensor for mobile devices offers a wider viewing angle to give module vendors the opportunity to design thinner camera modules for tomorrow.

Thinner Camera Module with SmartFSI® (Width: 4.x mm)

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Vivid Colors & Quality Images

Using a high color-rendering LED, makes images more beautiful

Contriving not only image sensing but also a light source, makes it possible to obtain more beautiful images. Although brightness can be obtained, it is difficult to reproduce original color, in the case of conventional flush made from white LED comprising blue and yellow LEDs. A high color-rendering LED makes it possible to obtain image with real original color.

Picture with Conventional LED
Captured by conventional light source

Picture with High Color Rendering Index LED and SmartFSI®
Captured by high color-rendering LED and SmartFSI®

Link to While LED Link to While LED

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  • * "SmartFSI" is a registered trademark or trademark of Panasonic Corporation.


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