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IPD (Intelligent Power Device)

Product Overview

Panasonic IPD is AC-DC converter IC that helps to simplifies your power supply design!
A wide variety of solutions to meet your needs!
 New lineup! MIP7Sx flyback converter with 800v breakdown voltage.

Excellent device ■Unique new control technology
  • High efficiency & low noise
  • Small, low-cost power supply with high performance
Various processes ■Optimized process
  • Single-chip IPD process
    Control circuit + HV-MOS with lateral RESURF structure
  • High output with 2 chips in one package
    HV-MOS: Excellent Ron per unit area (A-Ron)
High quality ■From home appliance to industrial/automotive applications
  • Extending control technology for home appliances to industrial and automotive products.
  • Extending high reliability technology for automotive applications to industrial products and home appliances.
Support ■Power supply solution
  • Speedy support with high degree of perfection.
  • Power supply design/support is available.
Support Board
  • Circuit design
  • Transformer design
  • Operation check (verification)
  • Demo board
Solution ■System solution
  • Inverter control board design with microcontroller
Solution Board

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Extensive product lineup

To meet more needs, in addition to our wide range of IPDs with “wide output range of up to 100W,” “flyback or chopper,” “PWM or quasi-resonant,” and “various protections,” and other features, Panasonic offers new MIP7Sx flyback converter with 800v breakdown voltage. And SMD Package samples.

Power Supply Design Support  "Strong support to your power supply design completion"

  IPD Design Navigator(interactive online tool) supports your power supply design.
  We support AC-DC power supply design.

  • Power supply design:

Provides a circuit diagram and BOM list.
Provide a transformer blueprint.
Check the PCB layout.
Check the usage of the IC.

Note:For more information of AC-DC power supply design service, please contact us.
          Semiconductor Support System(User registration system)

Built-in MOSFET (without MIP004x and MIP006x)

⇒  Easy and simple design of power supply is realized by MOSFET and Control circuit which are built-in one package.

Circuit and device construction with IPD

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Energy-saving technology of Panasonic IPD

"Conventional" Low power consumption at no-load is realized by Intermittent oscillation control(Related patents have been applied).

"New technology" Reduces power dramatically.

◆Two new control systems to achieve industry-leading efficiency (80% or more) at light load.

1)Combination of PWM and PFM
  Dramatically reduces switching loss by decreasing the frequency at light load.
2)Advanced intermittent oscillation control enabling high efficiency at light load and transformer sound reduction
  Pulse count reduced by optimizing the peak current of pulses.
  Transformer sound reduced by frequency jitter in intermittent operation.
intermittent operation

◆Zero-watt standby power technology

Standby power: 5 mW or less with built-in OFF-mode function
  Operation is completely stopped in OFF mode.
  The leakage current in OFF mode is extremely reduced.
Zero-watt standby power technology

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Standby power consumption reduction

We are contributing to energy saving by Standby power consumption reduction of AC-DC power supply.

•Yr2001 Energy saving contest Economy, Trade and Industry Ministers Award
•Yr2005 Aichi Expo Global 100 Eco-Tech Award
•Yr2007 Minister of the Environment's Commendation

Contribution to the environment and IPD Energy Saving Technology

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AC-DC Converter line-up

Click series name, move to each products page.

Max Power Series Features Added function Applications
Built-in MOSFET
MIP3Jx Photo-coupler unnecessary
Frequency jitter
Overvoltage protection
Small charger/Power supply Adapter
MIP2Mx Built-in AC input voltage detection
(Oscillation stop or Signal output)
Frequency jitter
Overvoltage protection
For standby power of up to 12W class output(TV etc.)
MIP2Fx Foldback overload protection suitable for charger Overvoltage protection Small charger(Power supply adapter for DSC etc.)
MIP2Kx Frequency jitter
Overvoltage protection
CS available
New control system
Industry-leading efficiency at light load
(compliant with DoE/CoC regulations)
Low input detection
Frequency jitter function
Latch-off function
(external parts required)
- Control power supply for home appliances
- Power supply adapter
ES available
Up to 24 W output with small DIP-8 package Overvoltage input detection
- Soft start
- Frequency jitter function
- Overvoltage protection
- Control power supply for air conditioner, refrigerator, or other home appliances (up to 24 W)
- Power supply adapter (up to 24 W)
MIP2Ex Simplified 3Pins
without overvoltage protection
Overload protection For power supply (home appliances, etc.) of less than 60W
MIP2Lx Overvoltage protection
MIP2Gx Expanding the range of applications by many additional functions Overvoltage Protection
ILIMIT variable function
Remote off
For power supply (home appliances, etc.) of less than 60W
MIP53x Without bias winding Frequency jitter
Overvoltage Protection
Home appliances etc.
MIP41x Quasi-resonant enables low-noise Soft start
Remote off
For electronic device with severe noise requirement(AV/OA devices)
Chopper - MIP38x Standby energy saving
Photo-coupler necessary
Temperature Protection(Self return) For non-isolated power supply such as home appliances(Lighting, Rice cooker, Vacuum cleaner etc.)
- MIP35x Multi function
Photo-coupler unnecessary
I-LIMIT/fosc → 3steps change
Frequency jitter
For non-isolated power supply such as home appliances(IH Rice cooker, air conditioner etc.)
- MIP36x Simple power supply circuit can be configured(small parts)
Photo-coupler unnecessary
Frequency jitter For non-isolated power supply such as home appliances(Lighting, Rice cooker, Washing machine, Rice cooker, Air conditioner,Refrigerator etc.)
up to 9W
(up to 300mA)
MIP56x LED lighting
High accuracy Constant current characteristic(±5%)
LED short/open protection LED lighting(Bulb, Downlight)
Control IC Flyback
MIP004x 80W class
Noise reduction
Sense offset function
Frequency jitter
For power supply less than 80W(Office machinery, LCD TV, Home appliances etc.)
MIP006x 200W class
Zero-Watt Standby Power consumption
Off-mode function
Sense offset function
Frequency jitter
For power supply less than 200W(Office machinery, LCD TV, Home appliances etc.)

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Combination Solution

Control IC: MIP006 by combination solutions of a trigger device such as sensors and network, it can achieve energy saving of various equipment.
Please see the following pages.

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IPD product list of each series,please refer to follow links.

The other series, please refer to "Products lineup by AC-DC Converter series".

Product Lineup

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Precautions on the Sales of IPDs -
Information for Designing Your Application -

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